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Expert energy analysis with monthly reporting and renewable eAuction energy procurement offers 360 degree insight into your energy use.

Responsive and customer focused, with prompt communication and updates, we'll help transform energy within your organisation!


has been released into the atmosphere globally since you arrived on this page

Sustainability at our Core

We can provide you with monthly reporting of half hourly energy to visualise & control your entire organisation's energy use. New technologies, new possibilities, new opportunities from our leading edge proprietary platform

Keeping pace with technology

Artificial Intelligence and other technologies ensure our solutions are 'future proofed' so you can always access our latest and most efficient proprietary software for energy procurement and analysis.

Energy, Services & Technology for a Sustainable future

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Secure your future with our future-proof solutions.

Streamline procurement, boost service with eAuction Weighting.

Empower your energy decisions with Maia's monitoring service.

Stay ahead of the game with Maia's tender preparation.

Transform your brand with zero carbon emissions.

Reduce procurement risk, and build business resilience.

Advance sustainability strategy with simplified solutions.

Power up your savings with our bureau services!

Create Shared Value for your Organisation and Community.

Build Business Resiliance with integrated Sustainability Solutions

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