Weighted Auction Platform

Powerful. Mitigates risk. Productive

Weighted Auctions

Introducing Maia Energy's proprietary weighted auction platform - the ultimate solution for high-value procurement!

Benefits of Weighted Auction Procurement

  • Secure, transparent, and legally compliant electronic auction procurement
  • Weighted auctions save time and cost while managing risk and achieving best value
  • Platform helps drive down costs and secure quality tenders
  • Powered by green energy, contributing ZERO carbon to scope three emissions
  • Ideal for procurement where risk management and supplier services are important as price
  • Maia Energy offers innovative auction solutions for procurement needs

Who would Benefit:

  • £100,000+ spend per annum on energy costs
  • Those who wish to place a value on service and low risk terms of supply
  • If you appreciate a transparent and auditable procurement process
  • If you wish to procure high value services with total confidence
  • If you appreciate the time and cost saving integral to the auction event

Weighted Auction Opportunities & Possibilities..

Drives down price...

  • Witness prices decrease as sellers compete
  • Real-time bids visible to suppliers and buyers
  • Anonymous bids allow fair competition
  • Suppliers compete for business by underbidding

Manages risk...

  • Auction weighting ensures best value by managing risk
  • Questionnaire establishes contract terms and service levels
  • Pre-requisites established for supplier participation

Legally compliant...

  • Secure, compliant platform powered by green energy
  • Meets all Public Sector procurement requirements

Cost effective...

  • Transparency & efficiency generate savings beyond auction cost
  • Time-saving simplifies procurement with monetary savings.

Contributes to productivity and efficiency...

  • Instant bid evaluation saves time and enhances efficiency
  • Boost productivity with our rapid bid evaluation

Achieves best value...

  • Achieve best value with risk & service-based auction weighting
  • Service levels and risk mitigation required, not just price
  • Buyer-determined value reflected in weighting questionnaire
  • Assure minimum service levels and maximum acceptable risk

Tried, tested and trusted...

  • Hundreds of auctions successfully run on our platform
  • Thousands of hours spent on development for optimal performance
  • Fine-tuned weighting assures service and risk requirements
  • Millions of ££ of energy auctioned using our platform


  • Maia Auction Platform powered by sustainable green energy
  • Zero carbon emissions contribute nothing to scope 3 emissions

Transparent and auditable...

  • Time-stamped bids and fully auditable auction
  • Downloadable auction activity in spreadsheet format
  • Email notification of amended bid rankings
  • View costs, savings, & weighting responses as charts
  • Suppliers see bids and rankings, but not competitors
  • Anonymous auction participation for suppliers

Weighted Auction Implementation Stages



We establish your requirements in a personal meeting, tailoring to your needs with a weighting questionnaire


We verify

  • Number/type of energy supplies
  • Your priorities and desired outcomes
  • Optimal energy market
  • Preferred time scales
  • Energy consumption
  • Contract dates
  • Desired service levels
  • Auction date



We work behind the scenes to prepare the energy tender which you review at your convenience


With a supplier LOA we:

  • Validate energy use
  • Confirm energy supplies
  • Obtain MPAN and MPRN numbers
  • Confirm smart meters
  • Confirm supplier notice period
  • You review the tender after which we publish it


Auction result

The auction ranks suppliers as they bid leaving you to decide on energy contract duration


Review and sign-off desired contract offer post-auction

  • Secure and lock in auction prices
  • Move quickly to avoid invalid prices due to market volatility


Time Saving

Time saved compared to traditional procurement


Carbon Emissions

Maia Energy auctions produce zero carbon emissions

£2.6 million

Overall saving

£2.6 million pounds saved for our clients over 326 auctions

Next Steps

Discover how weighted auctions can boost your efficiency, and offer a fair and equal opportunity to suppliers, with our compliant, transparent, and auditable auction process. Contact us today to learn more! Call our team on 01932 566114 or email us at .

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