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Case Study: A Bespoke Energy Consumption and Emission Reporting Tool for a Top UK Charity

Client Background and Challenge

Our client is one of the top 20 charities in the UK, with a significant physical footprint comprising of various sites across the country. They recently embarked on a sustainability journey with the aim of becoming more environmentally responsible. To successfully navigate this journey, they needed accurate monthly data on their energy consumption, cost, and CO2e emissions.

A significant portion of their energy was monitored using half-hourly electricity meters. However, a large number of their gas and electricity supplies were quarterly billed, requiring manual meter readings. This made timely and accurate energy data collection challenging. Manually compiling the required monthly reports was labourious, costing the charity around 36 hours of work each month.

Our Solution

We explored the market for data collectors, aggregators, and suppliers that could provide monthly reports in the format required by our client. However, none met the exact specifications needed. Leveraging our experience in creating sophisticated online software solutions, such as our weighted auction platform, contract administration platform, and meter read platform, we decided to craft a bespoke web tool to meet our client's needs.

After detailed consultations and feedback sessions with the client, we developed a monthly reporting tool that could import raw half-hourly data, match contract prices, government price discounts, and CO2e emission factors for each period. It could then format this data into a multi-site monthly report.

For the non half-hourly metered energy supplies, we engaged in discussions with our client to strategise the best way forward. Eventually, it was decided to roll out SMETS2 meters to all quarterly billed non half-hourly metered sites. Once this rollout is complete, our tool will be able to compile a monthly report for all energy supplies, formatting data from several million data points into a readable format that supports the charity's sustainability journey.

Outcome and Future Steps

Our bespoke web tool was developed and implemented, providing our client with detailed, accurate, and easy-to-understand monthly reports for all half-hourly metered energy supplies. The rollout of the SMETS2 meters is currently ongoing, and once complete, the tool will provide similar reporting for all energy supplies.

This solution not only eased the task of monthly reporting for our client, saving them significant time and effort, but also empowered them with the precise data they need to make informed decisions on their sustainability journey.


360° Visibility

Accurate view of energy use, costs and emissions

400+ hours

400+ hours time saving

400+ chargeable hours saved each year


£0 fee

No fee for this software development

In Summary:

In recognition of the broader market need for such a tool, we are now offering our monthly reporting tool to new clients. For more information on how this tool can support your organisation's sustainability journey, please get in touch with us.

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