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Energy Data Reporting

Discover the clarity and control you've been seeking over your energy management with Maia Energy. Our comprehensive Energy Monitoring service offers a deep dive into your organisation's energy consumption, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, illuminating the path to a more sustainable and cost-efficient future.

Harness the power of our Half Hourly Data Energy Monitoring service, which leverages advanced data from SMETS2, AMR, and half-hourly metering for both gas and electricity supplies. This precision tool transforms raw data into insightful, precise monthly reports, enabling you to make informed decisions that reduce costs and lower your environmental footprint. Embrace the change with Maia Energy and turn energy management into your strategic advantage.

Benefits of Energy Reporting:

Precision Reporting

  • Provides precise monthly cost, consumption, and GHG emissions reports.
  • Offers an accurate picture of the amount of energy an organisation is using, with GHG emissions and cost.

Carbon Reporting

  • Gain instant access to your SECR, ESOS, and SORP (energy component) data with just a few clicks directly from our platform.

Convenient Reporting

  • Reports can be downloaded 24/7 from an online portal.

One data source for overlapping carbon schemes

  • Data for SECR, SORP or ESOS compliance can be downloaded from our portal
  • Simplifies the administrative burden of overlapping carbon schemes

Load Profiling

  • Load profiles are calculated to determine the most efficient energy supplies.
  • Inefficient use of electricity can be targeted to reduce cost.


  • Monthly energy reports provide 360-degree visibility of energy use.
  • Offers total visibility and control over energy use.

Actionable Insights

  • Data can be used for further action to increase efficiency.
  • Ability to set energy reduction targets and track progress towards achieving them.

Compliance and Reputation

  • Increased transparency and accountability regarding energy use and emissions, which can improve stakeholder relations and public image.
  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements related to energy use and emissions reporting.

Cost Savings and Risk Management

  • Potential for cost savings through identification of areas where energy use can be reduced or optimised.
  • Improved risk management by identifying potential energy supply disruptions or price fluctuations.
  • Enhanced energy security by identifying areas where energy storage or backup systems may be necessary.


  • Ability to benchmark energy performance against industry standards and peers.

Who would benefit:

  • Large UK organisations: Our data reporting services simplify and streamline carbon schemes, enhancing visibility of energy and carbon emissions, and reducing the burden of compliance for large UK organisations participating in overlapping carbon schemes such as ESOS, SORP, or SECR.
  • Businesses looking to increase efficiency: Our monthly energy reports offer 360-degree visibility of energy use, forming the basis for recommendations to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • organisations looking to gain control of their energy use: We believe that what you can see, you can control. Our Energy Monitoring service provides total visibility into energy use, empowering organisations to make data-driven decisions and optimise energy consumption.

At Maia Energy, we are committed to providing our clients with the insights and tools they need to optimise their energy consumption and reduce costs. With our Energy Monitoring service, you can gain complete visibility into your energy usage and take control of your energy costs.

Energy Reporting Implementation Stages



With an LOA we contact your supplier to establish meter types across your sites and existing costs


We will

  • Confirm meter types and data collectors.
  • Arrange access to half-hourly data.
  • Advise on converting 'dumb' meters to smart meters.


Portal set-up

We set up your energy monitoring account and import your data into our database


We prepare a database for:

  • Your sites and meters
  • MPAN and MPRN numbers
  • Existing rates
  • Portal access registration


Half hourly metering and reporting

We arrange access to your data and arrange half hourly metering where possible for so called 'dumb' meters


We prepare for report generation:

  • We import your half hourly data into our system for reporting
  • You create accurate monthly reports using half hourly metered data
  • If appropriate we instruct suppliers to upgrade 'dumb' meters to smart meters for accurate reporting across your portfolio


360 degree visibilty 24/7

Sites with accessible half hour data able to access monthly reporting


100% satisfaction

Cancel within 60 days without charge


SECR/SORP Compliance

Fully compliant with SECR/SORP reporting

Gain 360-degree energy visibility and cost savings now. Contact us today for tailored energy monitoring and reporting solutions. Call 01932 566114 or use our contact form to schedule a consultation. We're here to help!

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