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Climate Change Resources

At Maia Energy we follow the science underlying global warming and climate change.

Listed below are some resources related to climate change we hope you will find useful. When each section is opened there is an ISBN number with a link to Amazon books that opens in a new window.

Books about Climate Change

"What We Know About Climate Change"

  • Author Kerry Emanuel. ISBN: 9780262050890
  • An M.I.T. climatologist Emanuel sounds the alarm in a scientifically sound way
  • Makes it clear what we know and what we don’t know.
  • There is little panic in this slender book, but there is a lot of troubling information.

"The End of Nature"

  • Author Bill McKibben. ISBN: 9780670828777
  • Written in 1989 when global warming was still referred to as “the greenhouse effect.”
  • Speaks about a disregard for nature and how humans were capable of harming it.
  • His solution is to “to go no farther down the path we've been following.

"The Sixth Extinction"

  • Author Elizabeth Kolbert . ISBN: 9781250062185
  • Reports from the Andes, the Amazon rainforest & the Great Barrier Reef
  • Registers the impact of climate change on the life of our planet.
  • Offers an intellectual history of “extinction”
  • Places in context the catastrophes ahead by chronicalling past extinctions.
  • Also speaks about how life was regenerated in the distant past.
  • “By disrupting natutal systems, we’re putting our own survival in danger.”

"The Water Will Come"

  • Author Jeff Goodell. ISBN: 9780316260244
  • Sea-level rise is one of the central facts of our time due to climate change
  • The author travels the world to cities like Lagos, Rotterdam and Venice
  • These cities may vanish if the rise in water levels follows current projections.
  • The author also explores people’s inability to see the rising tide

"No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference"

  • Author Greta Thunberg ISBN: 9780241453445
  • A collection of Greta Thunberg eleven speeches.
  • Speeches were written and presented about global warming and the climate crisis

"Global Warming For Dummies"

  • Author Elizabeth May ISBN: 9780470840986
  • Describes how and why greenhouse gases are formed,
  • Investigates some important global warming terms
  • Uncovers the negative impacts of climate change
  • Offers solutions you can implement in your everyday life
  • These solutions will alleviate rising greenhouse gas emissions

"Climate Change For Dummies"

  • Co-written by the former leader of Canada's Green Party and the Canadian Chief of Staff to the Minister of Natural Resources
  • ISBN: 9780470840986
  • Investigate this hottest of hotly debated issues and is easy to understand
  • Sifts the fact from the fiction:
  • Is climate change caused by human activity or natural elements?
  • Examines causes of climate change and the way it affects our lives
  • Writes about what we can all do to make a difference.

Web links to Climate Change explanations

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