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ESOS compliance


ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is a mandatory government initiative that requires large organisations to conduct energy audits and identify energy savings opportunities.

ESOS compliance services can be quite costly, creating a competitive market among compliance service providers. At Maia Energy, we are committed to driving down the cost of ESOS compliance for our clients.Fines for non-compliance are to be enforced more strictly for Phase 3 and are up to £90,000

Benefits of Weighted eAuctions for ESOS Compliance Services

Reduce compliance cost with competitive tendering...

  • Tendering via weighted auction achieves best value and procurement transparancy
  • Bids are placed anonymously but all participants can see bids for ESOS compliance
  • This drives down prices whilst auction weighting ensures quality and best value
  • Collaborative procurement can also reduce ESOS compliance costs substantially

Identify & implement energy saving measures...

  • ESOS audits identify energy efficiency measures which cam reduce energy use
  • Implementing efficiency measures reduces energy use & recoups ESOS costs

Plan ESOS compliance tendering early to reduce cost...

  • As phase 3 deadline approaches a surge in ESOS compliance enquiries is likely
  • With a limited number of Lead Assessors available, this is likely to drive up cost
  • Gong to market early when Lead Assessor availability is greater reduces ESOS costs

Who would benefit:

  • Large organisations subject to ESOS compliance: Our weighted auction tenders for ESOS compliance services are designed for large organisations subject to ESOS compliance, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce their compliance costs and secure the best value in a transparent and efficient procurement process.
  • Businesses interested in reducing ESOS compliance costs: Our weighted auction process is an ideal solution for organisations that want to reduce their ESOS compliance costs while guaranteeing the highest service levels.

ESOS Compliance Qualification..

Criteria for mandatory ESOS compliance...

  • ESOS Compliance is mandatory if you fall into ONE of the following categories:
  • Your organisation has over 250 employees
  • OR your organisation has a turnover in excessof £44.1 million
  • OR your organisation has a balance sheet exceeding £37.9 million
  • OR your organisation is part of a group that falls into 1 of the above 3 categories


  • Organisations NOT falling into the Criteria for Mandatory ESOS Compliance
  • An ISO 50001 accredited energy management system which covers all energy use
  • Public bodies due to energy efficiency being governed by Display Energy Certificates

Deadlines and Dates for ESOS...

  • Phase 3: Qualification date 31/12/2022, compliance date formerly 05/12/2023 has been revised to 5 June 2024.
  • Phase 4: Qualification date 31/12/2026, compliance date 05/12/2027

For phase 3 ESOS compliance 12 consecutive months' energy data has to be provided that must include the qualification date of 31st December 2022 but not the compliance date of 5th December 2023.

ESOS compliant energy audits...

  • you are required to provide 12 months of consecutive energy consumption data
  • Data must include energy use by buildings, transport and industrial processes
  • Your audit can't be done more than a year before 05/12/2023 compliance deadline
  • Your audit cannot be extended beyond the 05/12/2023 compliance deadline
  • ESOS compliance must be directed by a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor

12 consecutive months' energy data has to be provided that must include the qualification date of 31st December 2022 but not the compliance date of 5th December 2023.

Get the most out of ESOS...

  • Know your business. Include areas such transport & process energy if appropriate
  • Is your only aim compliance or do you want to showcase savings opportunities?
  • Agree scope of total energy consumption and sample audits with Lead Assessor
  • Obtain assurances that the Lead Assessor will meet compliance standards
  • Remember Lead Assessors are only as good as the information they are provided;

Top pitfalls of ESOS (Environmental Agency)...

  • Lead Assessor and/or Board Director signoff missing from the ESOS submission
  • Transport omitted when it was a significant part of Total Energy Consumption (TEC)
  • Process energy consumption omitted when it was a significant part of TEC
  • Sampling approach not representative of Significant Energy Consumption (SEC)
  • Companies moving premises incorrectly omitted these from the ESOS audit

ESOS Tender Implementation Stages



We establish whether ESOS is for low cost compliance only or whether you wish to act on recommendations. You complete a questionnaire to determine scope of ESOS audit


We will

  • Establish number of buildings occupied & how many are owned or leased with estimated energy spend/use.
  • Vehicle fleet & fuel spend.
  • Industrial process with energy use.
  • Calculate de-minimus energy.



We obtain an LOA and validate data with energy suppliers. We prepare the ESOS tender for your review


The tender will include:

  • Validated energy use
  • The objective of the ESOS audit
  • Your timescales for compliance
  • Date of the ESOS Compliance auction
  • Date the auction will conclude


Top 3 ESOS Providers

We recommend inviting the leading three providers as determined by the auction rankings to a meeting with you and your management team


This is so you can ensure you select an ESOS provider you and your management team are confident can deliver ESOS Compliance and is one you are happy to work with. You make the final decision on which company to select


Up to £235,000 in fines

Potential fines for ESOS non-compliance


55% partial compliance

Phase 2 Compliance with remedial actions 55%


'Last minute' compliance

1700 companies compliant 7 days before deadline

Contact us today to learn more about our ESOS compliance services and how we can guide you towards the optimum strategy to ensure the lowest cost, highest quality compliance. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the support you need to achieve your energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Call us on 01932 566114 or email us at to get started.

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