Contract Management Platform

Control your Energy Contracts

Contract Management Platform

Managing a diverse energy portfolio can be time-consuming and costly, especially if not managed properly. At Maia Energy, we offer a Contract Management Platform that streamlines energy contract management, saving our clients time and money.

Our platform provides a centralised location for accessing all energy contracts, rates, consumption data, and documents, making it easy for our clients to stay on top of their energy management.

Benefits of Our Platform

  • Contracts: Easily access all of your energy contracts, including contract terms and conditions.
  • Rates: Review your current rates and compare them to historical rates to track any changes.
  • Consumption: Monitor your energy consumption to ensure you are staying within budget.
  • Cost: Track your energy costs and easily identify areas where you can save money.
  • Documents: Our online platform also serves as a central document repository for all of your energy contracts.
  • Reminders: Set reminders for contract renewals and termination notices: Never miss an important deadline again by setting reminders within the platform.

Who would benefit:

  • Large businesses: Our Contract Management Platform is particularly beneficial for large businesses with a diverse energy portfolio. The platform's central location for contract and consumption data simplifies energy management and reduces the time and resources required to manage energy contracts.
  • Energy managers: Energy managers responsible for managing a portfolio of energy contracts can benefit significantly from our platform's streamlined approach to energy contract management. Our platform simplifies tracking energy rates, consumption data, and costs, enabling energy managers to make more informed decisions and optimise energy management.
  • organisations looking to optimise energy costs: Our Contract Management Platform enables organisations to track energy costs and identify areas for cost savings. By centralising energy contracts and consumption data, our platform provides clients with a complete picture of their energy portfolio, making it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains.

Contract Platform Implementation Stages



We schedule a personal meeting to discuss your specific requirements and needs.


We verify

  • Number/type of energy supplies
  • Energy consumption
  • Suppliers
  • Rates
  • Contract renewal dates
  • Termination notice dates
  • your goals

Setting Up

Our team works tirelessly in the background to validate energy supplies, contract rates, renewal dates, consumption, and populate the database of the platform.


With your contract packs we:

  • Validate energy use
  • Confirm energy supplies
  • Obtain MPAN and MPRN numbers
  • Confirm contract rates
  • Confirm Renewal dates
  • Confirm Termination notice dates



After your sites have been set up, we are available to ensure that you derive maximum benefits from the contract management platform.


We provide a comprehensive training session to help you become familiar with the portal interface, and our team offers free ongoing support to ensure that you receive all the assistance you require.

Up to 100%

Additional Cost

The difference between contract prices and 'deemed' rates


Up to 30%

Up to 30% extra cost if you accept your supplier's rollover offer

30 Days

Time window

Time window to send in contract termination may be as short as 30 days

Next Steps

Don't let the stresses of managing accounts and contracts get you down. Contact us today and experience firsthand how our simple, yet highly effective account and contract management platform can revolutionise your work life. Contact our team at 01932 566114 or send us an email at

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