Collaborative Sourcing

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Collaborative Sourcing

Collaborative sourcing is a powerful solution that enables businesses to negotiate better deals with suppliers by pooling their purchasing power.

At Maia Energy, we specialise in collaborative sourcing for energy procurement, delivering customised solutions that help our clients achieve their goals while reducing costs.


  • Reduced costs: Leverage collective buying power to achieve better pricing and maximise cost savings.
  • Improved supplier relationships: Collaborative sourcing allows businesses to develop stronger relationships with suppliers, resulting in better service and favorable terms.
  • Tailored solutions: Customised solutions optimise the procurement process to deliver maximum value.

Who would benefit:

  • SMEs: Collaborative sourcing is ideal for SMEs that lack the purchasing power of larger businesses and want to access better prices and terms.
  • Public sector organisations: Public sector organisations with limited budgets can benefit from collaborative sourcing to achieve their energy procurement goals while minimising costs.
  • Decentralised procurement businesses: Businesses with decentralised procurement can achieve greater efficiency and cost savings by consolidating procurement through a single provider.

In summary, collaborative sourcing for energy procurement provides a range of benefits, including reduced costs, improved supplier relationships, and tailored solutions. SMEs, public sector organisations, and businesses with decentralised procurement are among those who can benefit the most from this approach. Maia Energy is committed to helping clients unlock the full potential of collaborative sourcing to achieve their goals and minimise costs.

Collaborative sourcing generates value..

Access to buyers and suppliers...

  • Eliminates duplicated processes and spreads the procurement net more widely
  • Suppliers are pre-vetted, credit checked and must conform to a minimum standard
  • Suppliers appreciate greater volumes & certainty of work and price accordingly
  • Find other buyers to collaborate with, with a call to action on our system

Cuts out the middleman...

  • Collaborative sourcing increases transparency and reduces cost
  • Eliminates broker involvement reducing third party costs

Auction weighting manages risk...

  • Services and acceptable risk are addressed with auction weighting
  • Auction weighting questionnaire and scoring secures best value overall

Collaborative sourcing for products and services...

  • Includes compliance services, energy supply and energy efficient equipment

Simplifies and speeds up transactions...

  • Eliminates duplicated processes and shares procurement cost
  • Makes sourcing simpler, smarter and more streamlined
  • Simplifying sourcing increases sustainability
  • Develops common standards to deliver contract or service objectives efficiently

Changes a low value proposition to one of high value...

  • Improves collective purchasing power and contributes to overall value for money
  • Offers an opportunity for buyers to join together reduce costs & improve value

Collaborative Sourcing Implementation Stages



Register requirements and timescales on our collaborative sourcing system


Upload a detailed specification including timescales, volume and what is to be purchased. We can assist in developing a specification


Call to Action

This alerts other buyers and enables you to create a new buying group or participate in an existing one


This enables a buying group to develop sourcing specifications and to build and increase in volume. Suppliers are alerted of the opportunity and register their interest. Our auction platform is used for collaborative sourcing events.



On the day set for the auction to conclude The leading bidder based on sourcing group specification will win the auction


Contracts are sent to buyers to complete and return to the lead supplier. Orders for goods and payments are transacted between buyers and suppliers and are conducted direct. Suppliers and buyers can review each other's performance on our marketplace


Cost reduction No.1 issue for 78%

78% of organisations rate cost reduction top issue in procurement


Product range No.2 issue for 58%

58% of organisations rate product range No.2 issue in procurement


Risk management No.3 issue for 54%

54% of organisations rate risk management No.3 issue in procurement

Looking to transform your low-value procurement into a high-value proposition? Contact us today to learn how we can help through collaborative sourcing, leveraging the collective buying power of our clients to significantly reduce your costs. Contact us and let our team guide you through the world of collaborative sourcing.

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