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Introducing Maia Energy's Bureau Services

Maia Energy is a leading energy broker with over 25 years of experience in outsourced energy estate management. We understand the challenges that organisations face in managing their energy bills and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

That's why we offer bureau services designed to drive energy efficiency and sustainability while saving you time and money.

Benefits of our Bureau Services

  • Automated process-driven bill validation system
  • Identification and rectification of billing errors in a timely and efficient manner
  • Ongoing savings and refund opportunities
  • Accurate database of your energy estate with billed energy use
  • Basis of energy benchmarking, tendering, ESOS and SECR compliance
  • Bespoke management reports
  • 24/7 secure online repository access
  • Intuitive reporting tools that reveal consumption patterns and energy volume
  • Benchmarking of your portfolio
  • Energy-saving initiatives to help reduce your organisation's environmental impact

Who Would Benefit from Our Bureau Services?

Our bureau services are ideal for organisations that want to build an accurate picture of their entire energy estate and require 24/7 secure access to reporting. They provide accurate billing with immediate rectification of errors without stretching in-house resources. Our bureau services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors, including:

  • Large organisations with complex energy estates
  • Small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources
  • Charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • Public sector organisations

Bureau Opportunities and Possibilities..

Ongoing savings and refund opportunities...

  • We can identify errors and reclaim overbilling going back up t0o six years
  • We reclaim money that was billed incorrectly in a timely & efficient manner
  • As consumption patterns emerge further areas for savings are revealed
  • Accurate consumption simplifies ESOS & SECR reporting, reducing cost

Builds an accurate database of your energy estate...

  • We validate existing records to ensure records are complete and accurate
  • We add your custom fields , annual consumption, VAT rate & contracted prices
  • We use the database as the basis for bill validation in our automated processes
  • As bills are checked the database is updated with accurate billing & cost history

Online 24/7 secure data reporting repository ...

  • We establish with you the format of the management reports you require
  • We also establish the dashboard type you need for management reporting
  • The data reporting system is available 24/7 from a secure online repository

Bespoke management reporting...

  • Reports can include budgets, carbon, cost, consumption and exception reports
  • Reports may be delivered automatically on specific dates or at regular intervals
  • You can select the personel to whom the different types of reports may be sent
  • Benchmarking properties identifies those require energy saving measures
  • Get accurate information on your energy estate and energy consumption
  • Accurate consumption ensures less risk of tendering with inaccurate data
  • Reporting ensures management decisions are based on accurate data

Cost and time effective...

  • The cost of our bureau service is ten times less than errors corrected
  • We pro-actively identify & correct billing errors as an extension of your team
  • Billing queries can on occasion can cause significant drain on resources
  • The risk of billing queries requiring significant time to resolve falls to us

Identifies, eliminates & recovers wasted costs...

  • We pro-actively identify & correct billing errors as an extension of your team
  • An additional resource we allow your staff to get on with their core activities
  • With strong supplier relations we can get billing errors resolved faster

Implementation Stages



We establish your objectives to determine the reporting you need and the systems you already have in place


We will establish:

  • Your energy estate
  • The reports you need
  • Appropriate contacts
  • Obtain a letter of authority


Set up

We check your energy estate data with supplier data to validate current records and prepare the secure online repository that will hold your records


Within 3-4 weeks of the bureau services agreement and LOA we will:

  • Validate existing energy data
  • Upload verified data to the repository
  • Create your bespoke dashboad
  • Create the bespoke reports you need



We work in the background validating invoices and uploading accurate data to the secure repository


Billing errors are corrected as they occur and accurate bills are stamped as 'validated' and passed to your accounts.

Biling data is available for download into reports after validation


1000% more than our fee

Billing errors corrected are 1000% more than our fee


100% accurate

The bills we authorise are 100% accurate

Zero hours

Client time

Clients need spend no time resolving billing errors

Contact us today to learn more about how our bureau services can drive energy efficiency and sustainability while providing comprehensive management reporting. Call our team on 01932 566114 or email us at to speak with a member of our team and start optimising your energy estate management today. Regenerate response

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