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Accuracy of billing and budgeting improved

Maia Energy recovers £12,000 for Major Housing Charity


Our client is a leading charity that provides safe accommodation for more than 1,000 young homeless people, aged 16-25, in London and the North East of England. The charity also supports them to become positive and independent through health programmes, life skills, and learning opportunities.

The Issue:

Our client was hit with an unexpected £42K bill by British Gas demanding immediate payment relating to four years’ worth of gas supply to one of its hostels. our Client lacked the resources to investigate, so turned to Maia Energy for urgent assistance.

The Process

We immediately contacted British Gas to advise them we were investigating the invoice and requested they put the gas account on hold. Our team then got to work investigating the details of the £42K gas bill. We uncovered the following…

  • The bill had arisen due to a mislabelling of a gas meter which had an incorrect property address
  • The gas meter serial number invoiced corresponded with the gas meter on site.
  • The gas units billed (FT3/M3) corresponded with those on the meter.
  • We established actual daily gas use by recording meter reads a few days apart to calculate average daily use. Then using seasonal load factors we extrapolated gas use over a 4 year period
  • We carried out a benchmarking exercise of similar sized properties to establish whether the invoiced amount was in line with other similar properties.
  • We checked VAT rates were correct
  • We investigated and recorded all charges applied to gas usage and standing charges

Outcome and Benefits

After discovering that British Gas had charged our Client at Out of Contract rates for all gas used over the past four years, we conducted a thorough review of wholesale gas prices and our Client's group gas contract rates negotiated during that period. We presented a case to British Gas, arguing that since the charity was not at fault for the mislabeling of the gas supply, it would be more equitable to charge our Client the equivalent of contract rates for the gas used within the allocated period.

Impressed by our detailed analysis and presentation, British Gas agreed with our proposal. We then reviewed our Client's historical gas contract charges over the past four years and suggested a fair total amount to British Gas, which they accepted.

Lastly, we scrutinized the rebilled gas account to ensure that British Gas had applied the agreed discount correctly.

Thanks to our meticulous analysis and due diligence, we were able to save our Client £12,000 plus VAT on their outstanding British Gas invoice, which was 30% of the total amount. Furthermore, we provided this service to our Client free of charge since we have a policy of assisting long-standing clients in resolving unexpected billing issues at no cost.


£12,000 recovered

£12,000 recovered for our client

50+ hours

50+ hours work

50+ hours work to recover charges


£0 fee

No fee for this charge recovery

In Summary:

Contact us for help with energy invoicing issues and to save your company time and money. Our team will analyse your invoices, identify errors, and negotiate with suppliers on your behalf. Let us optimise your energy costs and streamline your management processes. Get in touch now to see how we can assist you.

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