Meter Read Platform

Collects and Verifies Meter Reads

Meter Reading and Reporting Platform

At Maia Energy, we understand the importance of accurate meter reading and reporting for businesses. That's why we offer our proprietary Meter Reading and Reporting Platform, the ultimate solution for non-half hourly metered electricity supply energy monitoring and reporting.

Estimated invoicing is the leading cause of overcharging, which generates extra paperwork and requires time and effort to resolve. Inaccurate invoicing caused UK organisations to be overcharged hundreds of millions of pounds last year.

With our platform, businesses can safeguard themselves from unforeseen expenses by recording and verifying the validity of their meter readings.


  • Witness prices decrease as sellers compete
  • Real-time bids visible to suppliers and buyers
  • Anonymous bids allow fair competition
  • Suppliers compete for business by underbidding

Simple to set up...

  • Receive a user name and password
  • You decide who has access to the platform
  • Input the meter reads for gas and electricity supplies
  • The platform validates the reads and records the amount of energy you consume

Control access...

  • Secure platform only accessible by those you authorise
  • You can set up meter reader reminders

Data validation...

  • The system records estimated annual consumption for each site
  • The difference in days between the latest and previous read is calculated
  • The system allows for seasonal fluctuations and calculates expected us
  • If energy use is more than 20% higher than expected the system flags this up
  • Once flagged, the system will not use reads for reporting until they is checked

Accurate billing...

  • Actual reads can be used for accurate billing
  • This saves time querying inaccurate invoicing and frees up your resources

Carbon, usage and cost reporting...

  • The system can gerenerate carbon, cost and usage reports
  • Cost reports can assist with budgeting

Tried, tested and trusted...

  • Developed over several years and used extensively by clients
  • When Clients suggest improvements we can implement these without cost

Continuity even with a change of supplier...

  • Suppliers have meter read portals but you lose history when you change supplier
  • We can retain your meter reads even when you switch supplier

Identification of meter faults...

  • When meters go wrong regular meter readings can identify anomalies and flag them up for investigation

Who would benefit:

  • Businesses with non-half hourly metered electricity supply: Our Meter Reading and Reporting Platform is specifically designed for businesses with non-half hourly metered electricity supply, making it an ideal solution for organisations looking to avoid estimated invoicing and overcharging.
  • organisations seeking accurate energy invoices: Our platform provides accurate energy invoices by reminding people to read their meters, validating the reads for accuracy, and providing a meter read history for each site.
  • Businesses interested in monitoring energy consumption and cost: Our platform provides comprehensive consumption, cost, and carbon reports that can be downloaded from the platform, making it an ideal solution for businesses interested in monitoring energy consumption and cost.

Meter Read Platform Implementation Stages



We schedule a personal meeting to discuss your specific requirements and needs.


We verify

  • Number/type of energy supplies
  • Energy consumption
  • your goals

Setting Up

Our team works diligently behind the scenes to validate energy supplies, meter types, and current energy costs, ensuring that everything runs smoothly for our clients.


With a supplier LOA we:

  • Validate energy use
  • Confirm energy supplies
  • Obtain MPAN and MPRN numbers
  • Confirm meter types



Once your sites have been set up we are available to ensure you get the most benefit from the meter read platform


We offer a comprehensive training session to help you get acquainted with the portal interface, and our team provides free ongoing support to ensure you have all the assistance you need.


Inacurate billing

Last year, 40% of energy complaints made to Citizens Advice concerned inaccurate billing


Billing Errors

20% of energy invoices are estimated to be inaccurate


Cost to Check an invoice

It costs an estimated £30 to check and pay each invoice

Next Steps

Ensure your business is protected from unexpected expenses by accurately recording and verifying the validity of your meter reads. Get in touch with us today to learn more. Contact our team at 01932 566114 or send us an email at

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