Case Study - Meter Read Platform

Accuracy of billing and budgeting improved

Major Housing Charity improves billing accuracy implementing meter read programme


Our client is a leading charity that provides support and advice to mothers and children who have suffered from domestic violence, including offering them housing, such as hostels, care homes and supported housing..

The Goal:

Our client had a goal to monitor and decrease their energy expenses while ensuring accurate and budget-friendly energy invoices. They enlisted Maia Energy to create a custom online meter reading platform for them.

The Process

To build the platform, Maia Energy consulted with our client, noting their requirements, and tailored it accordingly. Online training manuals were provided, and support was offered for any queries.

The Benefits

  • Prompt and precise reports that allow our client to closely monitor and target energy consumption
  • The ability to track and compare gas consumption across multiple sites
  • The identification of areas of efficiency and wastage
  • Data that is fully downloadable in standard formats for analysis
  • Accuracy of bills and the ability to easily check supplier invoices
  • Information on CO2 output
  • Emails sent to project managers after meter readings detailing energy usage, cost, and CO2 emissions, along with suggestions on how to reduce energy consumption
  • The early identification of a fault with an electricity meter, allowing for a quick and easy remedy by the supplier

The website has saved our client time, energy, and money, and Maia Energy has continued to upgrade it to meet their specifications and energy legislation requirements.


8,200 Meter Reads

8,200 meter reads recorded on meter read platform


200+ energy supplies

200+ sites with diverse geographical spread


£50,000+ recovered

Easy recovery of overbilling with actual meter reads

In Summary:

To safeguard your business from unforeseen costs, it's crucial to precisely document and authenticate the accuracy of your meter readings. For further information, reach out to us today. You can contact our team at 01932 566114 or send us an email at .

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