Green Gas

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Green Gas

Green gas, also known as biomethane, is a renewable and carbon-neutral gas produced from organic matter decomposition. In the UK, it is fed into the national gas grid and distributed to homes and businesses.

While green gas is more expensive than natural gas, some suppliers are purchasing carbon offsets to match the natural gas they sell, calling it "greener gas." In this email, we'll explore the benefits of green gas and who would benefit from it.

Who would benefit:

  • organisations that want to reduce their carbon footprint while still relying on natural gas for their energy needs
  • organisations looking to install Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems for cost savings and sustainability
  • organisations seeking to achieve both profitability and sustainability goals while reducing their carbon footprint

Green Gas Opportunities and Possibilities..

Can reduce electricity cost when combined with CHP...

  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) uses gas fired generation to produce heat & power
  • CHP can dramatically cut power cost but natural gas can increase emissions
  • Green gas makes CHP sustainable with significant electricity cost savings

Green Gas Reduces a carbon footprint - fast...

  • Switching to Green Gas is the easiest way to reduce a carbon footprint
  • Carbon neutral gas mitigates global warming & helps fight climate change
  • Green Gas & a reduced carbon footprint enhance environmental credentials

Mitigates global warming...

  • Biogas mitigates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and slows global warming

'Greener' gas when Green Gas is Unavailable...

  • Insufficient green gas is produced to meet UK demand & it is relatively costly
  • Some suppliers market 'greener gas' as a temporary solution to the shortage
  • With 'Greener Gas' suppliers match carbon offset purchases to the gas sold
  • The Carbon Offsets match carbon offset purchases to the volume of gas sold
  • Carbon Offsets 'cancel out' unaoidable emissions & help fight climate change
  • Emitters fund emissions reductions from a renewable energy project elsewhere
  • Offsets reduce CO2 emissions that would otherwise not have been achievable


100% sustainable

Helps mitigate global warming

1 million

Over 1 million customers

Over 1 million green UK gas customers


Thirteen-fold increase

Thirteen-fold rise since 2017 in use of biomethane

Contact us today to learn more about how green gas can reduce your carbon footprint. Call us on 01932 566114 or email us at to speak with a member of our team and start your journey towards a more sustainable future.

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